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classroom-resumeWhether someone is unemployed, about to be laid off or just looking for greener pastures, every job seeker has the same difficult task ahead of them: updating the resume and cover letter.

There are a lot of ways to go about this, and whichever one your patrons choose, they are going to need help and another set of qualified eyes.

This is where our ProofPoint ™ Real Time Writing Center comes in. Here’s how it works:

A job seeker uploads a resume or cover letter draft using our new file-sharing tool in the Learning Suite.  Then, he or she is connected to a career specialist to review the resume on screen—in real time! The job-seeker can get help with objectives and phrasing, what to highlight and what information could help them land the job.

We know that other companies offer a service that allows the user to send a resume off, and have it reviewed and eventually sent back with suggested edits– but we can’t imagine anything more frustrating. What if the feedback is unclear? Or, listing technical qualifications is still hazy? With a job market this competitive, time waiting is time wasted.

What’s so great about all the tools that ProofPoint offers is that it happens in real time, while the job seeker is in session with a career specialist. Working together, the user can see any changes being made to the document—like grammar, style, format and word choice—and really feel confident he or she has a  professionally-written cover letter and resume that they can feel proud of using.

We are really excited about the positive feedback about this product, and are thrilled that your community can really take advantage of the convenience without even leaving the house!


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