Tutor.com Book Club: The Thirteenth Tale

I get giddy when book club day rolls around at Tutor.com. I can’t wait to dissect the characters, debate the cause and effect of the book’s events, and best of all, hear how my fellow book clubbers would make the book better. (Yes, we’re quite a group of voracious, opinionated readers.)

But, this month I was a little anxious because I was in charge of selecting the book. I wanted to make sure the book was neither too long nor too short. Interesting without being over-the-top. And, of course, good enough to spur an hour’s worth of discussion. Talk about pressure.

Much to my relief, the selected book—The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield—passed with flying colors. It was an enjoyable read, just the right length and had plenty of twists to keep you turning the page. And, everyone had a ton of questions that kept us chatting for the full hour. (When does the story take place? Who really died in the fire at Angelfield house? What mental illness was plaguing the family?)

I’ve realized that regardless of which books we choose to read, it’s the dedication of the book club members that makes the group great. Every month, someone new joins—this month was our largest turnout yet with 10 participants. And, everyone really loves being involved. Two devoted colleagues who were working remote called in so they wouldn’t miss the meeting and one really devoted book clubber actually came into the office on her day off just to take part in the discussion.

Next month, we delve into a science-fiction/detective story: The City & The City by China Mieville. I can’t wait!


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