Connecticut Library Budget Cuts

Our last post about Saving Ohio Libraries caught the attention of library directors both in and out of Ohio. Carl A. Antonucci, Jr., Director of Library Services at Capital Community College in Connecticut contacted us about the budget cuts in his state as well.

An article posted on the Connecticut Library Consortium web site, “when Governor Rell announced her second proposed budget for 2009-2011, librarians and library supporters around the state were shocked to see how hard Connecticut’s libraries were hit. Although she said that she was not cutting aid to municipalities, most of the cuts to the State Library’s budget were aimed at programs that directly serve municipal libraries and the citizens who use them, as well as at cooperative programs that save money for all types of libraries.”

According to the article, many statewide library services would be cut or eliminated as Governor Rell proposes to:

  • Suspend Funding for Statewide Digital Library (iConn)
  • Suspend Funding for the Statewide Database Program (reQuest)
  • Suspend Funding for Connecticard Payments (CCard)
  • Suspend Funding for Grants to Public Libraries
  • Suspend Funding for Cooperating Library Service Units
  • Reduce Funding for Interlibrary Loan Service (Connecticar)
  • Connecticut Education Network (CEN) cuts

What can you do to help? The Connecticut Library Association has created a page so residents can contact the Governor and state legislators. Find out whom to call to help your Connecticut library today.

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