Read any good Plato Lately?

Inspiration is sometimes hard to come by in this “new” economy.  All of us, especially librarians, are working overtime trying to do more with less.  To help give us a new perspective, our CEO, George Cigale invited Phil Terry from Creative Good to come chat to our staff.

In 90 minutes, Phil covered everything from Plato to the ups and down of Mr. Warren Buffet, the Billionaire.  One area he covered in great detail was the absolute necessity of taking a long term view and investing in yourself. What’s the best way to invest in yourself? Reading. And while reading “pleasure” books is ok, Phil was really talking about a deeper intellectual pursuit . Reading books that most of us admit are just plain hard to read – especially alone.

He encouraged folks to check out Mortimer Alder’s list of essential reading. Phil runs a book club with dedicated participants who may read just 80 pages a month and then spend an hour discussing these 80 pages. So how about it, Plato anyone?

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