Tutor.com. Not Just for Kids.

The  Associated Press reported today that more and more adults are turning to libraries for help to find jobs.  With a record national unemployment rate of  7.2%, libraries are expecting to serve even more adult job seekers in the coming months.

Most libraries know Tutor.com as a teen or kid service – helping K-12 students with homework help and tutoring, but Tutor.com has been helping libraries serve adult students for years now with everything from GED prep to brushing up on algebra when returning to school.

This year, Tutor.com is doing much more for adults.  Just last week we launched a one-click entry page for adults who want to connect with a tutor.  This summer we’ll introduce The Tutor.com Adult Learning Center – a suite of services designed specifically for adults with one-to-one tutoring, proofreading and writing help and 24/7 resources. After folks use a library database to get a list of relevant jobs, our tutors can help them write a resume or proofread a cover letter before an important interview.

So Tutor.com is not just for kids.We’re here to help serve the entire community.

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  1. Tutoring in Washington DC August 30, 2012 at 6:51 AM #

    Agree with you and i think this will help the adult who understand that your website is only for kids.

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