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Get Accepted to Your Dream School? Don’t Slack off Now.

The fat envelope has arrived and…you’re in! Savor your well-earned victory, but then —  get back to work. It’s sad but true…senioritis can wreck your chance of going to college. If you read your letter of acceptance carefully, you’ll notice that it’s a conditional offer. The letter likely includes a phrase such as “You have […]

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Academic Competition

How To Help Your Child Cope with Academic Competition

Lots of kids share everything with their friends. Teachers, interests, homework. But as kids get older, their paths start to diverge. And oftentimes one will start to move ahead in school, which can make the others feel left behind. What can you do if your child is the one falling behind her friend in school […]

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choose a college

How to Choose a College

College acceptances have likely started rolling in and that means decision day is upon you. Most students will have a variety of options but here comes the tricky part, how do you choose a college? We advocate applying to about six schools, so if you took our advice, your list should be rather selective. But what […]

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The Social Media Site Every Teen Should Use

Chances are good you don’t have to encourage your teen to use social media. But as they Instagram and Snapchat their way through life, consider pointing them to another platform they should really check out:  LinkedIn is the place to be for the up-and-coming “professional.” It’s a relatively new option for teens – they just […]

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family weekends

Making a Memorable Family Weekends

TGIF – there’s a reason this phrase incites a dose of relief among kids and adults everywhere. But for many students, the weekend is hardly the vacation of relaxation and freedom they would hope for. Often it becomes a dumping ground for everything that they didn’t get done during the week, from chores to school […]

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Acing the AP Exam

If your child is taking an AP course, you probably know that it will culminate with the official “AP Exam” in May. And even though that sounds like a long way off, now is actually the perfect time to put together a review strategy for the exam. May is a hectic month with tests, finals […]

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