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Four Tricks to Getting More Sleep – and Better Grades

Teens across the board are not getting enough sleep. Some of that is due to school schedules, with school starting too early or homework going too late. But once they actually head to bed, many teens have trouble falling or staying asleep. That’s where a routine can come in handy. When your kids were little, […]

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pomodoro technique

Getting Homework Done with the Pomodoro Technique

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to be more efficient with your time? It’s a common one, and so we thought we’d kick off the year with Productivity Monday, offering a new productivity hack each week to help you do your homework more efficiently.  This week we explore: The Pomodoro Technique. What it is: The […]

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Holiday Projects to Boost Teen Life Skills

Kids are typically so wrapped up in school work, college apps, extracurriculars and their tech that parents often relieve them of home responsibilities to avoid schedule overload. But when they leave for college, many kids find that they didn’t acquire the life skills they need to be self-sufficient. Why not use the holidays as a […]

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healthy holiday snacks

Happy and Healthy Holiday Snacks

The weather outside is frightful…and honestly so are many of the snacks we eat this time of year. Obviously, ‘tis the season to indulge in fun foods, but it’s also smart to model healthy eating behavior for your teen that shows eating healthfully doesn’t have to be boring. Make the most of a study break […]

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winter break

How to Make Winter Break Productive

In classrooms across the country you can feel the excitement building as kids count down the days til winter break. Holidays! Presents! Snow! Homework! Wait…homework? Before you dismiss the thought of holiday homework as a total downer, stay with me. Every school schedule is different of course, but for many, the end of winter break means […]

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