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Nonfiction – The Reality TV of Reading

Teen girls typically LOVE reality TV – so why don’t they love reality reading? A new report, “What Kids Are Reading,” found that girls at all grade levels devote less of their reading time to nonfiction compared to boys. That’s surprising because girls are traditionally considered the bigger readers. And they are, in general. The […]

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Five Ways to Avoid a Poor Report Card

2014 is winding down – and so is the first semester. Now’s the time to check into grades to make sure you end the semester where you want to be – and take action now if you need to course correct. Here are five action steps to take now. 1. Check your online marks. You […]

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Finding a Tutor For Your Kid – Eight Questions To Ask

Thinking about a tutor for your child? You’re not alone! In fact, 30% of kids seek help from a professional tutor at some point in their high school career. There are lots of places to find a tutor — from a fellow student, to another parent, to a tutoring service to, of course! We share the eight […]

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Should your teen study with music?

To iPod or not to iPod: That is the question. Music has been a part of your teen’s life from the first time you popped in that Baby Mozart DVD. Before long, they were probably going through a Wiggles phase, then heading into KidzBop, and now they’re probably plugged into a steady diet of Jay […]

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